Thursday, March 28, 2013


I'm terrible with thinking of titles so this time I didn't waste my time, ha.

I realize its been a while since I've written! I haven't had many chances to update and when I do have the time I don't feel like being on my computer; I'd rather spend that time with my husband. I'm also trying to cut back on my electronic usuage during the day and am trying to give Layla more of my undivided attention. I don't want her grow up feeling like she isn't important enough for my full attention or that I don't have time for her or whatever. So...those are my excuses for my absence :)

Anyway, Layla has two little teeth now! I haven't quite been able to tell if the second one has poked through completely yet but I think it has. Its right at the surface either way. Man is this teething stuff tough! It has not been fun and we've all lost a lot of sleep, haha. Thankfully the last few days have been better. Her tooth/teeth came in last Sunday so she's been sleeping much better!

Our little lady also turned 8 months old this week! That means only 4 months until her birthday...HOLY COW! It has flown by! I have loved each new stage and it is so fun to continue to watch her learn new things.

She's quite the little stinker, too. She is kind of shy around certain people but around others she will let herself be free. I think it also depends on where we are, too. 
Tuesday we had our life group and one of the couples has a little boy just a month younger than Layla and she was really cute with him. She smiled and talked to him and was so sweet. She also really likes her cousin maybe she's a fan of the boys, haha. Uh Oh! 


Our next few weekends are jam packed! We were originally going to Arkansas today and come back first thing Saturday morning but decided to wait until another weekend when we can stay a little longer. Saturday afternoon we have a huge family photo shoot (afloydphotodesign) and Sunday, of course, is Easter! I'm helping out in the nursery at church for the first time and then we're going to my grandma's for lunch. Next weekend we're helping out Kourtney and Chad with their garage sale and Saturday we have a birthday party for a little guy at church (we're just attending) and then a senior photo shoot that afternoon. After that we'll probably head to K & C's to help clean up after the garage sale because we'll have some stuff there, too. 

If anyone in the KC area needs pictures taken we're running a special right now! Spread the word! Antony also just re-opened his etsy shop and has a couple wedding invitation designs for sale (more to come) and will probably add some pictures at some point, too. Go like our page! (link above) 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sleep Problems

It has been a week (or more) of fighting sleep for Layla. Antony and I are going crazy trying to figure out what's going on but we've learned that things like this are just trial and errror. You've gotta just keep trying things until something works. And then by that time your baby is probably on to another stage and you've gotta start all over again. HA! Thankfully Antony is on Spring Break this week so he's home all day with me so I don't go toooo crazy. Suggestions are welcome! (Just FYI, we're not fans of the "cry it out" method).

We've realized that we have gotten out of our naptime routine so I'm hoping that if we get back into that it'll help. We're also wondering if she needs to nap more often so instead of waiting until she's noticeably tired, we're going to try putting her down before those big signs start showing.

On a little more positive note, we're working on night weaning and she's doing a LOT better than I was expecting. Thank goodness!

This past week we finally got some relief from the cold and were able to spend some time playing outside! I'm so excited for summer now! We enjoyed some water play and I played around with the 50mm lens.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's so nice to be organized! My days feel like they have a little more structure and meaning to them, other than the important feeding and playing with Layla :) This week I created a menu board and scheduled cleaning for each day of the week. Now if we can just keep up with both they will be successful! So far I've stuck to the menu...the cleaning is a little harder to get to but hey, we're eating! haha. 

This was really easy to make. I just used a frame I had leftover from decorating Layla's room this summer and cut some fabric to fit, also leftover from Layla's room, and tada!

And here's a picture of the cutie just for fun :) 

Have a good weekend! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Weekend

We had a fun, busy weekend as Antony got to be apart of one of his close friends wedding. We got to see some old friends from college and Antony got to spend lots of time hanging out with them. Layla was such a trooper at the wedding! She only made a few sounds during the ceremony and was perfect during the reception even though we stayed out past her bedtime.

The wedding was so pretty and lots of fun...although I wish I could have stayed for the whole reception :/  Couldn't keep Layla out too late so I had to leave early. But dinner was amazing! The cake was beautiful! The bride's and bridesmaid dresses were gorgeous and I'm sure they got some really pretty pictures in the snow!

During this past week we also enjoyed some time in the snow at my mom and dad's house. Antony had a lot of snow days off work so we stayed with my parents for a couple of nights (snowed in!). It was fun being able to get out in the snow and to be snowed in with family in the country instead of stuck at our place in the city. Antony built a snow fort and I built my first snowman by myself. It was fun to be kids again. And it was very nice to have full time babysitters :)

We have also discovered a food that Layla seems to enjoy. Bananas!