Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Weekend

We had a fun, busy weekend as Antony got to be apart of one of his close friends wedding. We got to see some old friends from college and Antony got to spend lots of time hanging out with them. Layla was such a trooper at the wedding! She only made a few sounds during the ceremony and was perfect during the reception even though we stayed out past her bedtime.

The wedding was so pretty and lots of fun...although I wish I could have stayed for the whole reception :/  Couldn't keep Layla out too late so I had to leave early. But dinner was amazing! The cake was beautiful! The bride's and bridesmaid dresses were gorgeous and I'm sure they got some really pretty pictures in the snow!

During this past week we also enjoyed some time in the snow at my mom and dad's house. Antony had a lot of snow days off work so we stayed with my parents for a couple of nights (snowed in!). It was fun being able to get out in the snow and to be snowed in with family in the country instead of stuck at our place in the city. Antony built a snow fort and I built my first snowman by myself. It was fun to be kids again. And it was very nice to have full time babysitters :)

We have also discovered a food that Layla seems to enjoy. Bananas!

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