Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

   It has been super busy around here lately. Last weekend I helped my sister out with her big garage sale and was able to sell some of our stuff, too! This week the in-laws visited and I've been preparing for Compassion Sunday at church. Layla is also fighting a cold and has another tooth coming in. Lots of crazies around here.

Garage Sale

   The garage sale was a huge success. It was really busy Friday and decently busy Saturday. I sold most of the stuff I took (just a small car load) and Kourtney and Chad were able to sell a huge chunk of their stuff, too.
   The kids were all so good during the sale! Kolton pretty much kept himself busy playing with stuff in the garage and stuff we had out for sale :)  Layla fought sleep big time but was able to take a good nap in my Ergo, thankfully! Despite her lack of sleep, she was perfect. Macey was also really good and took a couple good naps and played with Layla and Kolton when she was awake.
   My Ergo saved my life that weekend, especially Friday morning! It was so busy at the sale and it was just us 3 girls (me, Kourtney and my mom) so we were running around everywhere, making deals left and right. If I hadn't had Layla in the carrier I'm not sure what things would have been like. She probably would have been abandoned, honestly, ha (unintentionally, of course!). Saturday the husbands were there to help so that was very nice.

Compassion Sunday

   I'm hosting Compassion Sunday at our church this year and I'm so excited! Compassion Sunday is a nation-wide event arranged by Compassion International. The purpose is to help children around the world get a sponsor so they can have an education and receive health and other benefits. Compassion partners with locals churches in the child's neighborhood and that church teaches them about Christ, provides them with an education, food, clothes and other needs they may have. I have sponsored a boy for 12 years now and had the chance to meet him 2 years ago and it was an awesome experience!

Pray that the church will respond well and that lots of children will become sponsored this month! April 21st is the official Compassion Sunday. I have about 100 packets with pictures and info on children ready to be sponsored and I would love to run out of them! 

In-laws Visit 

    Antony's parents and sister came to visit Tuesday and Wednesday and we got to celebrate Antony's birthday while they were here, too. Plus we got our Easter baskets! 

Layla loves her new duck from Aunt Rhea and all the fun stuff that Nana and Papa got her. Especially the crinkly giraffe! 
  We had planned to go swimming at the Y but Layla woke up with a runny nose on Tuesday so we had to cancel those plans :/ But Rhea is coming up again next week so we might try again! 

Random photos for your enjoyment:

Layla loves to stand at her toy like a big girl

Playing with cousin Macey at Grandma and Grandpa's. These two are so cute together! 

We found mommy's camo hat

Silly girl just waking up 

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  1. AWWW this is so sweet. I love how you were able to meet the child you sponsor.
    I will be praying for Compassion Weekend. Let me know how it goes!