Saturday, April 20, 2013

   It's been a busy month around here! We celebrated Antony's birthday this week, have been preparing for Compassion Sunday, and Antony started his new job! Layla is also working on crawling and pulling up and loves to roll around the floor!

Antony's Birthday

   Tuesday we went out to dinner with my family to celebrate Antony's birthday! We ate at Olive Garden and had a good time celebrating and eating amazing food :)
   Wednesday was his actual birthday but it wasn't the best day :/ Antony got in a car accident that morning on his way home from work so that just made for a crazy day. He is fine and didn't get hurt, thank goodness! But it didn't make for a very good day...
   That night we both went to youth group at church (he goes every Wednesday to record). I spoke at youth about Compassion and encouraged the kids to get involved. Some of them were very interested but, of course, we told them they needed to talk to their parents before deciding for sure to sponsor a child.

  Thursday I made him his birthday dinner - steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans! And for dessert we had brownies with reeses cups! VERRRYYY good! Unfortunately we didn't wait long enough before putting the candles in so they melted in the brownies :(  Despite the wax, they were still, good! Ha!

Compassion Sunday

   Compassion Sunday is this week! I'm really excited to see how it turns out and I'm praying lots of people respond. I'll be speaking at church briefly about Compassion International and will have a table set up with pictures of children in need of a sponsor. Be praying with me that the church responds well.

   She's a growing girl! Actually..her growing has slowed down significantly, haha. But she's learning so much these days and is very close to crawling! She's such a happy little girl and loves her mommy and daddy. Her favorite song is Jesus Loves Me and it makes her smile or calm down 99% of the time.

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