Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Making This Place Home

    We've been busy around here lately and I haven't updated in a while. Sorry! We're making lots of changes to our townhouse and are finally making it feel like home after being here for almost a year. Since we've decided to renew our lease we got permission to paint! We started in our bedroom today and so far we love it! I will post pictures once its all finished. We are also going to paint our living room which I'm really, really excited about! Who ever decided that rentals should be boring and white? Not a fan.

   Along with painting we're going to do some mega organizing. Our place gets cluttered way to easy and way too fast so we're hoping that by adding some different furniture and some new decor that it'll help spruce things up a bit.

   New curtains are coming! (As soon as I find them). We're possibly getting new carpet in the living room! Pictures and maybe some shelves will go up in the half bath and the spare room will be useable and not just a junk room. This will all take lots of time and work but we're so excited to finally feel organized and at home. 

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  1. Hooray!! I have been working on our organization too!! It feels SO good to have things neat, but still so hard to keep it that way lol. I'm looking forward to pictures!!