Monday, May 6, 2013

A New Living Room!

I am excited to introduce to you....our NEW (half painted), re-arranged, organized living room! It finally has a touch of home and we're so happy. We still need some more pictures/decor but that'll come. Unfortunately I didn't get 'official' before pictures so here are my best pictures which show how messy and unorganized it was.


We painted these two walls and it has a much warmer feel. Its a very subtle change but its just what the room needed. We only painted the two walls because we have to paint it back when we move out and because paint is expensive! 
We also ditched the coffee table so Layla has lots more play space. 

Layla's toys finally have some organization to them and they're not pouring out of a re-purposed diaper box. Speaking of re-purposed boxes...we have two in her corner, one for diapers and one for her dirty clothes. 

New curtains (TJMaxx)!!! Before we had a boring, short, brown curtain. Now we have pretty, decorative curtains! (The wall needs a large picture of Layla and it will be complete:) ) We also got rid of the black shelves that were in front of the window and replaced them with this storage bench (Target). Extra seating plus storage! Double bonus. 

I also organized our bookshelf (in the entryway) so its now a little more appealing to the eye :) 
We're still working on our bedroom,  the spare room, garage, and Layla's room but its all coming together!! 

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