Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sorry I've been MIA lately. I don't get on my computer much anymore and instead I relax or clean in the evenings. During the day I'm pretty much never on the computer.

Big news, though! We moved Layla from our bed and into her crib almost 2 weeks ago and she's doing great! For the last 2 nights she has slept through the night...completely. That's HUGE for her and I'm SO proud! Of course, I had to check on her a couple of times to make sure she was still breathing because it was so unlike her :)  She's growing up! She's also super adorable sleeping in her crib. Last night when I went in to make sure she was breathing she was sleeping on her tummy with her little booty in the air :)  SOOOO cute! I wanted to take a picture but of course the flash would have gone off and probably waken her up. Not worth the risk.

I got to officially celebrate my first Mother's Day this year. I would love to say that it was a great day but honestly, it was pretty stressful, haha. Layla slept bad the night before and we switched her to her crib the night of Mother's Day and she didn't nap well that was just crazy. Plus we were at my parents house all day so I think that was part of her sleep issue. Besides that, it was a good day. We got some great family photos at least!
This is my absolute favorite!!! All 3 of them are too adorable! 

This is a really good 'personality' picture, too. 

My family :)

4 generations 

My sweet girl 

I also turned 25 this past Monday. I'm getting so old! HA! But I'm already taking advantage of this new age and I just booked a hotel room under my name for the first time! Isn't that crazy that you have to be 25 before you can do that!? You can drive at 16 (which is too young, lol), go to war at 18, vote at 18, buy a gun at 21, drink at 21, but you can't rent a hotel room until 25??! Crazy.

But I had a very good birthday. Layla slept until 7am (she's been getting up between 4:30-6 since switching to her crib) so that was a great start to my day. My mom and dad took me out to lunch and then babysat Layla so I could have a little 'me' time and go shopping. Antony bought me a card that made me cry and we made half baked cookies and ice cream for dessert! We haven't gone out for my birthday yet just b/c evenings are still crazy with getting Layla adjusted to her new sleep routine but that'll come sometime. 

My Grandma and I share the same birthday so we celebrated together on Sunday. 

Just hanging out after dinner 

Look at that adorable, silly smile!!! It kills me!

Don't ask me how I did this ^ b/c I don't know, haha. I think maybe it was a collage off my phone so this is how it works on the blog??

This weekend we're going down to AR to visit Antony's family so we're hoping Layla does well on the drive down! We haven't been down there since Christmas so its been a while since she's been on a road trip. I'm hoping she'll take a good nap...This trip will determine whether or not we go to Wichita in a couple of weeks for one of my best friends bridal showers. We just booked the hotel but its not 100% yet because if this trip to AR is just awful then we won't do it again 2 weeks later, haha. So pray that she does well!!! I'd LOVE to go to Wichita!

Well, that pretty much sums up the last 2 weeks around here. Oh! We're getting new carpet in the living room on Friday! Super excited about that!!

Here's a silly picture for your enjoyment :)

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  1. She is a cutie! Looks like you had a great birthday! Happy happy birthday!! I am sure Layla will love the road trip - hope it works out to come to Wichita!