Thursday, June 13, 2013


Oh boy...lots of fun around here today! Its 8:23am and Layla has been awake since 5:10am. She actually slept in a whole 10 minutes today, ha. Since sleeping in her crib and in her room she wakes up at 5am on the dot...sometimes a little before or after, but she's usually pretty spot on. Hopefully that trend won't last long.

Yesterday I decided it was time to start getting her to nap in her crib. I've had to hold her for naps in order for her to get a long enough nap. I didn't really mind, especially since our mornings have been so early so I would just nap with her. Day 2 of the transition is NOT going well. I doing our normal naptime routine and rock her for just a few minutes and then lay her in her crib. She usually cries for a while but today it only lasted a few minutes and I THINK she slept for about 10 minutes but has been crying for quite a while now. I've been in to lay her down (she stands up and cries) at least 3 times and have rocked her a couple times but nothing helps. I'm going to get her up soon because I can't leaver here there all day and she's got to tips on nap transition would be GREATLY appreciated! Encouragement is helpful, too :) 


  1. I have no tips to offer. If I were a mom- I would probably be crying with my baby because I couldn't handle it....

    But your doing great!!! and most people grow up and don't have to sleep with their moms, so I have faith that Layla will be able to eventually nap on her own :)

    OHHH maybe a sound machine or a fan would help? That would maybe block out noise and help soothe her to sleep?

    Anyways! LOVE YOU!!!

    1. hahaha, thank you! I guess she'll learn eventually, you're right, lol. Its soooo hard and frustrating. I've been super grumpy today, lol. And tired!

  2. You are doing great mama!!! Hang in there!! I agree with trying the sound machine or fan - it has been super helpful with my nephew Jack. And even though Caleb is a great sleeper, when he has a fan on, he sleeps even better!

    You know that I am a fan of cry-it-out, so I'll just plug it real quick. She might just wear herself out from crying and it only takes a couple of days. :) But I know you aren't much of a fan of that, and that's ok too. But sometimes some tough love is ok to give. :)

    Does she take a pacifier? Is that helpful?

    Sometimes I would put a book or two in the crib and that way when they wake up or before going to sleep they have something to distract them and maybe she'll play with that a while and fall asleep while playing (if she's already been asleep and it only lasted 10 min or so - it might help!).

    Hang in there! She (and you) will get the hang of it!

    1. Thanks! We do have a fan and music playing but she just gets so upset as soon as I lay her down that I'm not sure she even notices it. Today has been pretty rough. And we've ended up going with the crying because we didn't know what else to do and it seems to be what works for most...I hate it but it does work, unfortunately, and fortunately, haha. I just check on her every so often. I just hope tomorrow is better b/c I'm going crazy! She does really good at night...I wish naps weren't so different.

      How long do you think its ok to leave her to cry? and How many days is it ok to let her go without much napping?? I don't think I could handle another day like today...