Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month 10

    Month 10 has been full of learning and change for Layla! She is now sleeping through the night IN HER CRIB and in HER ROOM :) She is crawling and pulling up and learning lots of new words and sounds. She has grown up so much in this last month and its been fun to watch her.

    I won't lie...its also been a stressful month because along with this growing up stuff comes attitude, resistance, and needing to keep a closer eye on the now mobile Layla. I'm definitely needing to keep myself in check and am being forced to work on my reactions to her and my attitude. I don't want to become the mom who is always grumpy or saying no to everything. I don't want to hurt my kids' feelings by my reactions or loud/harsh words. I want to be in control of my temper and in control of my reactions. And I definitely can't do it on my own! I'm realizing more and more how much I need God's strength and patience each day. Mom's who do it without him must be out of their minds! And incredibly stressed. I'm also thankful to have my family close and a husband who comes home every night. It's the simple things that can be so easily taken for granted...

Enjoy ~
Such a silly girl! 

We had our first family vacation in Wichita! We went to the zoo (Layla's first time) and I got to go to one of my best friends wedding showers. 

We got to feed the giraffe's! 

Layla passed out at the bridal shower and we were able to get her into the car withOUT her waking up and she slept for an hour on the way home. 

Finally enjoying some pool time :) 

cousins playing 

Her monkey crawl...her shirt was too long so she improvised. 

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