Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Projects

We finally got up our new curtain in our bedroom! Before we just had a short black curtain. I think we'll still put it up behind this one so the sun doesn't come through so much but that will require hammering and Layla is asleep :) 

This one is a work in progress but Antony is going to make me a mail'll make more sense when its done :)  But I stained it this past weekend and really love the color! I'm excited to see the finished product. 

Layla is very picky about food these days and its hard to get her to eat vegetables that aren't in baby food puree form. I overheard a lady at the pool the other day say that she puts veggies in pancakes to get her kids to eat them so I thought I would give it a shot! The veggies were still a little too chunky but she ate it covered in applesauce! Still didn't fix the problem of me having to feed her but we'll get there. At least she's getting some form of veggies. I added some cinnamon and pear puree for sweetness and extra flavor...and I promise it looked better once it was cooked :) I just didn't get a picture of that.

Those are all the projects for now! Tomorrow the in-laws come up for the day and then Antony and I are going car shopping on Saturday! So excited!! We also celebrated 2 years of marriage yesterday with a little ice cream date while my sister and brother-in-law babysat. Layla got some fun playtime with them and her cousin Macey. 

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