Monday, January 21, 2013

Working as a Team

I always thought it would be fun to run my own photography business. Now, I'm not doing that exactly BUT my husband has started his own photography and design business and within the last 6 months it has really taken off. He has probably done more design work than photography so I haven't been a huge part in anything but I have been able to help with some jobs. We have now videoed two weddings and have shot two birthday parties for a couple different families at our church. It's been a lot of fun and always gives us some time together, without Layla. Feel free to check out our facebook page AF Photography & Design and 'like' us if you haven't already!

This business has been a huge blessing to us, especially when Antony was out of work this past summer. It didn't exactly pay the bills but it helped us not have to dig into our savings quite as much and it gave him a little boost of confidence. God provided Antony with multiple jobs through his business and has really helped his business get off to a great start! It has been a fun learning experience as we both expand our skills and get out of our comfort zones. He and I have both had to be more outgoing at different times and that has been both fun and scary, ha. Antony has also learned that he is much more of a people person than he thought! :)

I'm excited for our future whether that means that one day Antony will solely work from home as a freelance design and photographer or if it continues to be just a side job. Its exciting and fun to be a part of this with him! 

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