Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Valentine Post

I know I already posted something today but there were a few other things I wanted to mention. As I was putting Layla down for a nap earlier I began to think about what today is and what the future holds for her. As I mentioned in my previous post, this day was never a super exciting day for me and I always hated seeing couples together. Rarely did I have a date on this day and that was always depressing to me.

 Remembering all of that, I began to pray that this day would be different for Layla as she grows up. I don't want this day to be one that she dreads and I want the focus to be more on the love that God has for her and not about having a boyfriend or not. I also want it to be a day that Antony and I can really shower her with love (of course, I want every other day to be that way, too, but you know what I mean). My parents have always tried to make this day special and to this day I still get something from them. But my dad would always get my sister and I flowers and I loved that. I pray that Antony and I can make Layla feel special the same way that my parents did for me.

  Alright, enough sappy, serious stuff. Here are some pictures from today! We didn't take any pictures during Layla's play date (it was more for us Mom, anyway, ha); but we had a great time!

Layla made a special card for Daddy. We greeted him with the card when he got home this morning. 

 This afternoon Layla got to play with colored, heart-shaped ice cubes, Valentine's Day cookie cutters and a muffin crumbs. 

Happy Valentine's Day! May you feel the love of God today :) 

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  1. What a great day! So happy you have a new friend :-)