Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water Baby

Tomorrow is our first Water Babies class and I'm so excited! If Layla knew what was going on I think she'd be really excited, too, haha. Normally she showers with us but recently I gave her a bath in her little tub and she loved splashing and playing in the water so I have no doubt that she'll love swimming!

Today was Layla's 6 month check up and she's right on schedule. She's in the 75th percentile for height and weight at 17.6 lbs and 26.5 inches. She was her ornery self when the nurse was checking her, too. She wouldn't relax and lay down...she always keeps her head up and does 'crunches.' And she sneezed and then did her fake cough, which the nurse thought was pretty funny. She said her son does the same thing. Then after the nurse finished checking her over she started jabbering. I think she's finally getting comfortable being herself around other people.

She's finally opening up more around my family, too. We spent a lot of time at my parents house this past weekend. Typically, Layla is pretty quiet and shy but this time she finally came out and was talking and smiling so much! I was so glad that she let them see her happy, fun side :) My parents have seen her like that a little bit but Kourtney, my sister, hadn't really ever seen her so excitable. Her and Macey (my niece who is 11 days older than her) were so funny together. They kept stealing each other's toys and were much more aware of each other! I'm so excited to watch those two grow up together!

Tonight is Life Group (any minute now, actually) so I better wrap this up! We'll try to get some pictures of Layla's first time swimming and I'll share them soon :)

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