Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teething Remedies

Did you know that celery was a natural pain killer? I wonder who figured that one out! This website has some great tips for helping your teething baby. One thing she mentions is the Amber teething necklace. Layla's just came in the mail yesterday! I'm hoping it helps.

I took Layla to the chiropractor on Friday and it has helped her sleep so much better! When we got home that afternoon she slept for 2 1/2 hours! That never happens. Well, it hasn't happened in a really, really long time anyway. Yesterday she took at least two good naps, too, and I link that to her visit to the chiropractor. I consider 45 minutes a good nap for her but these were both at least an hour (with help from me to stay asleep). I don't know how normal this is, but she wakes up after 30 minutes of sleep, always. So most of her naps only last for 30 minutes. Sometimes we can get her back to sleep but not always.

Anyway, I'm hoping she's got a tooth about to poke through soon! Soon as in within the next day or two. 1. because I'm excited to see her with teeth in her mouth :) and 2. because having an extra needy/fussy child is tiring and stressful. I just have to accept that I'm not going to get much done during the day.

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